• prediction of oil and gas content

    high probability and quality of the prediction results

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  • geological support during exploration

    a full range of services to support geological exploration

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  • economic-geological evaluation

    a full range of services of economic-geological evaluation

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  • seismic survey design

    optimal design for seismic surveys of any complexity

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  • seismic data processing

    high quality of seismic data processing

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  • G&G data interpretation

    high quality of interpretation results

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  • rock property prediction

    comprehensive evaluation of the G&G model of tectonosphere

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  • design works

    high quality well drilling projects

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about us

history, key experts, services and ideology of the company

Limited Liability Company "Brend-Vik LTD" was established in September 28, 1994 in the city of Chernihiv - one of the centers of the East oil and gas industry in the region.

The main goal of the Сompany is to provide the services for hydrocarbons exploration and production to local and foreign oil and gas companies. Since its foundation and till now the Company is headed by the Director – Serhiy Halchenko.

Company's history consists of two phases:

In 1994 - 2012, the Company was actively growing and developing the Ukrainian market. The main activities were focused on fulfilling geological-thematic and local survey works - local and zonal predictions of oil and gas content, economic and geological assessment of prospective and production objects, projects on wells drilling and pilot commercial development of hydrocarbon fields, etc. In this period the main customers of the served works were both the government enterprises (SE "Ukrainian State Geological Exploration Institute", NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine", PJSC "Ukrnafta", PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya", SE "Naukanaftogaz") and the private oil and gas companies (LLC "Pari", LLC "Naftogazproekt", LLC "Prime-gas"). The best specialists of Ukrainian oil and gas industry such as geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers and economists, were involved in performing of these works. During this period, LLC "Brend-Vik LTD" has proved its worth as a reliable partner and responsible contractor on the market of services in the oil and gas industry of Ukraine. At this particular time a strong basis for further development of the Company was laid.

In the beginning of 2013, after experienced and ambitious specialists such as geologists and geophysicists joined the Company, the reload of Company's workflow had been performed: the new quality level of the work was achieved and significant expansion of the range of services was provided for oil and gas companies working not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. In 2014 LLC "Brend-Vik LTD" opened its production office in Kiev and equipped it with modern hardware and software products, allowing the Company to carry out customers' tasks on up-to-date international level. During this period the Company maintains good cooperation with leading scientific and manufacturing institutes and companies: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, «Endevour» Group of Companies, «Tetrale» Group of Companies and others.

The key staff of the Company includes experienced and qualified industry professionals:

Serhiy Halchenko


Geophysical Engineer, Academic Advisor of Engineering Academy of Ukraine,
Corresponding Member of UNGA
Industry experience - 33 years

email: s.halchenko@brend-vikltd.com

Dmytro Kostenko

Technical Director

Geological Engineer, M.Sc. in Geology, Ph.D. in Geology
Industry experience – 18 years

email: d.kostenko@brend-vikltd.com

Serhiy Beztelesniy

Chief Geologist

Geophysical Engineer, Honorable Prospector of the mineral resources,
was awarded with industry Awards
Industry experience – 15 years

email: s.beztelesniy@brend-vikltd.com

Yuri Renkas

Chief Geophysicist

Geophysical Engineer, certified specialist
Industry experience – 18 years

email: y.renkas@brend-vikltd.com

In case of necessity, the Company involves the best professionals to solve highly specialized geological problems and issues.

The general list of services provided by the Company was significantly expanded:

  1. Designing of seismic surveys of any complexity applying modeling;
  2. Seismic data processing;
  3. Well log data digitizing and processing;
  4. Integrated interpretation of geological and geophysical (G&G) data (seismic, well logging, etc.), geological modeling of the object;
  5. Prediction of the geological section (seismic inversion, prediction of lithology and reservoir properties using the method of neural networks, AVO-analysis);
  6. Local and zonal prediction of oil and gas content;
  7. Calculation of hydrocarbon resources and reserves with the following approval of the final report in the State Commission on Mineral Resources of Ukraine;
  8. Preparation of the technological projects (for wells construction, pilot production, pilot development planning, development and construction of oil and gas fields;
  9. Thematic geological exploration works.

The ideology of LLC "Brend-Vik LTD" is based on the following principles:

  1. Equality and shared responsibility of all team members;
  2. Continuous self-improvement and development of new approaches to solve the problems;
  3. Mutual help and support;
  4. Solving of tasks set up by the customer at the highest up-to-date methodological and technical levels;
  5. Achievement of the most reliable results by involving the best experts in their fields to perform the works;
  6. Applying of creative approach to solve the tasks;
  7. Execution of contracts taking into account all wishes of the client.

LLC "Brend-Vik LTD" invites all interested companies for cooperation and guarantees high quality, optimal timing and fair prices of works of any complexity.

our partners

partners and friends of the company

In recent years, LLC "Brend-Vik LTD" has established friendly partnership with a number of leading service and scientific companies in Ukraine and abroad in order to expand the range of provided services and to raise their quality to a modern world-class level. The following principles and areas of fruitful cooperation was defined within the frames of the concluded Cooperation Agreements: uniting resources and efforts to provide Ukrainian and foreign oil and gas companies with geological and geophysical services that will meet modern international requirements and standards.

“Endevour” Group of Companies

"Endevour" Group of Companies was founded in 2008. The main activities of the group are: engineering services for well drilling, workover, supply of high technology equipment for oil and gas industry, implement of green technologies for utilization oil slime, garbage, etc.

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is a classical university with a distinct research profile that was founded in 1834, whose primary objectives are education, research and innovation.

Tetrale Group Inc.

Tetrale Group Inc. is a managing company which presently brings together two distinct geophysical software products and services capabilities that are based on proprietary, patented technology. The major market niche is development and upgrading to the Oil & Gas industry standards of advanced technologies of advanced processing for imaging of sub-vertical geologic boundaries (TetraSeis Inc.) and Seismic (numerical) Modeling (Tesseral Technologies Inc.).

our clients

clients and contractors of the company

Cadogan Petroleum plc

Cadogan Petroleum plc is an independent oil and gas exploration, development and production company with onshore gas and condensate assets in Ukraine. Cadogan Petroleum plc has built a diversified portfolio of assets through a series of acquisitions since December 2005.

Recommendation letter
Cadogan Petroleum plc

Regal Petroleum in Ukraine

Regal Petroleum plc, founded in 1996, is a public company that holds an interest in the development of two large gas-condensate deposits in the north of Poltava region - Mekhedovsko-Golotovschinskoye and Sviridovskoye. The Company has special permits for development of these deposits which is valid until 2024.

Recommendation letter
Regal Petroleum in Ukraine

LLC «Prime-Gas»

Hawkley Oil & Gas Limited (Hawkley) is an upstream company focused on the exploitation of discoveries made in the Dnieper-Donets basin in Ukraine. The Company operates and owns 100 percent of two production licenses (Sorochynska and Stoliarovska) with additional upside potential as well as an exploration licence (Chernetska).

Recommendation letter
LLC «Prime-Gas»

NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine»

Naftogaz of Ukraine is a vertically integrated oil and gas company engaged in full cycle of operations in gas and oil field exploration and development, production and exploratory drilling, gas and oil transport and storage, supply of natural gas and LPG to consumers. Over 90% of the oil and gas in Ukraine is produced by the enterprises of the Company.

SE «Naukanaftogaz»

Subsidiary enterprise «Scientific-research institute of oil and gas industry» of National Joint Stock Company (NJSC) «Naftogaz of Ukraine» is leading research establishment of oil and gas complex in Ukraine. SE «Naukanaftogaz» carries out the scientific and project services of the basic activity directions of NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine», particularly, prospecting of hydrocarbon pools, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, transportation and storage of gas and oil.

PJSC "Ukrnafta"

Ukrnafta is Ukraine's leading oil and gas company. Ukrnafta holds permits to 96 onshore oil and gas fields located within the Dnieper-Donets Basin in Eastern Ukraine and the Prykarpattia Basin in Western Ukraine. The Dnieper-Donets Basin is the primary producing basin in Ukraine with more than 120 known fields. The North-Western part of the basin is dominantly oil produced from Triassic through to Jurassic reservoirs whilst the southern part of the basin predominantly produces gas from Devonian to Lower Permian aged reservoirs. The Prykarpattia Basin is located along the western margin of the country with dominant reservoirs being Paleogene sandstones with additional reservoirs located within the Upper Cretaceous and Neogene sediments.

LLC «Pari»

LLC "Pari" in 2010-2011 received special permits for commercial production on Niklovytska, Semyhynivska and Peremyshlyanska fields of Lviv region, Pylypivska field of Ivano-Frankivsk region and Sheremetivska field of Chernivtsi region. In addition, "Pari" was authorized for geological study of the Chemyhivska area of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Geo Alliance Group

Geo Alliance Group is a leading private oil and gas producer in Ukraine. The Group’s assets comprise of 16 fields, and approximately 72% of its reserve base belongs to the proved and probable category. Currently, the Group is implementing an intensive drilling program, which aims at increasing production of its current reserves. Most of Geo Alliance’s fields are located in the Dnieper-Donets basin, the main exploration area of Ukraine.

SE "Ukrainian State Geological Exploration Institute"

SE "Ukrainian State Geological Exploration Institute" is the only one Ukrainian research institution that meets the immediate needs of exploration industry in fundamental and applied researches. It monitors and provides scientific support of subsoil use, entire cycle of exploration for oil and gas, solid minerals, groundwater, and scientific methods of geological and geophysical study of mineral resources of Ukraine, monitors the geological environment, deep core drilling, geological and economic studies, justifies regulations on standardization, metrology and certification.


regarding any questions contact us via email