Seismic survey design

  • Survey design

  1. Determination of the main geological tasks and objectives of future exploration in the seismic survey area;

  2. Analysis of baseline geological and geophysical data both in the survey and surrounding areas;

  3. Shooting parameters calculation according to the stated requirements;

  4. Creation of the "ideal" shooting scheme based on the calculated parameters.

  • Modeling

  1. Structural 3D model creation of the seismic survey area;

  2. Calculation of interval velocities;

  3. Velocity model creation;

  4. 3D ray-trace modeling;

  5. Model results analysis, illumination and fold maps building based on common reflection point;

  6. Modifications of the seismic survey area size (as needed).

  • Scouting

Determination of obstacles of natural and man-made origin directly at the site of work that thereafter will make changes to the "ideal" shooting scheme, the so-called "blind" zones determination.

  • Optimization

  1. Modifications of the "ideal" shooting scheme based on the scouting, that is, shifting and relocation of receiver and source points according to the existing surface obstacles and conditions;

  2. Real shooting scheme creation;

  3. Remodeling based on a newly created real shooting scheme.

  • Final shooting design

  1. Consolidation of the results of all previous processes, final project creation;

  2. Approval of the work program, transfer of available materials to the customer.