prediction of oil and gas content

  • Zonal prediction of oil and gas content

    1. Analysis of complex of geological, geographical, administrative, technological, infrastructural and economic factors to determine the characteristics of the oil and gas region, which is the most attractive for investment and implementation of business projects in the field of exploration and production of hydrocarbons (HC);

    2. Localization of promising investment objects within the oil and gas production areas, regions or administrative units (provinces, districts).

  • Local prediction of oil and gas content

    1. Specification and in-depth research of a customer's specified object of study (oil and gas production area, zone, territorial unit) as object of subsoil use;

    2. Preliminary economic and geological assessment, determination of hydrocarbon resources potential, determination of estimated technological and economic indicators at a different stages of subsoil use.

  • The ranking score of promising objects

    1. Defining investment attractiveness and evaluation of potential risks at all stages of development;

    2. Determining the assessment reliability degree of the hydrocarbon resources, infrastructure and logistics properties of the district of object location.