geological assessment of hydrocarbon reserves

  • G&G data collection and analysis. Updating of geological model

  • Determination of assessment objects and reservoir parameters

  • Hydrocarbon reserves (resources) estimation by volumetric method

feasibility study

  • Determination of commercial production objects and study of their poroperm (porosity and permeability) properties according to results of well test analysis

  • Hydrocarbon reserves assessment by material balance method

  • Reservoir modeling. Mathematical simulation of performance history

  • Reconstruction of reservoir production history and comparative analysis of production forecast

  • Development of recommendations regarding collecting and handling of products

  • Calculation of primary economical indicators of reservoir development

  1. Quantity of test/production wells

  2. Net book value of fixed assets

  3. Cost-effective field life

  4. Production

  5. Price of production sale

  6. Volume of production sale

  7. Operating expenses, including amortization

  8. Production cost

  9. Balance profit

  10. Profit tax

  11. Net profit

  12. Capital expenditures (CAPEX)

  13. Cumulative cash flow (CCF)

  14. Cumulative discounted net cash flow (CDNCF)

  15. Net profit ratio

  16. Internal rate of return (IRR)

  17. Operating profitability:
    - regarding production assets
    - regarding operating expenses

  18. Profitability index

  19. Payback period (PBP)

  20. Payments into the budgets and public special purpose funds